before and after

Budget Bathroom

We kept the original faded oak cabinet but painted it black and added modern hardware.

Dining Room Staging

I recently was lucky enough to work on staging a lovely older home that had been completely renovated.  However, the house was virtually empty so a lot of furniture and work was put into this space!  I especially love how the dining room area turned out.  It was a large room with just a table and chairs that I created two spaces from, just by rearranging and adding a few pieces of furniture.  Sorry the pics are not from the same angles, I goofed!

Antique, Yet Modern Chairs

Here is another very basic furniture redo but I love how it turned out!  Got this great pair of sturdy chairs with horrible fabric and replaced it with a modern teal/navy blue damask.  Polished it up with a little Old English (LOVE that stuff) and I now have a nice new set of chairs!  They are currently residing in front of a fireplace in a beautiful home that I am doing staging work in smile

Cute Little Table

I picked up this cute little stand at a yard sale for $1.  Thought it would make a nice little side table for my daughters bedroom.  A little bit of green paint and two pieces of acrylic with yellow houndstooth wrapping paper sandwiched between them - for a grand total of $4.49!

Powder Room

Just a little creation in my own powder room.  I collected these mirrors for years before I figured out what I wanted to do with them.  I have to say I love it!

Rental Kitchen - Liz & Chris

These shots are from a rental kitchen.  We were limited with what we could change and the budget was VERY small!  The owners were nice enough to let us at least paint and add in an above stove microwave, but other than that, no major changes.  It is now a much more 'hip' space for the young tenants!

Rental Kitchen - Liz & Chris

Now the back part of the kitchen is an eat-in space.  With a hideous wall of mirrors.  That we couldn't remove!  So, up went the curtains!

Rental Kitchen - Liz & Chris

Another shot of the eat-in kitchen area.  Another no-no was removing the vertical blinds so we made the best of it!

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